Compaas Total Rewards Reporting

Whether you're an HR Manager or Compensation Expert, you have the same mission: to align compensation with company values.

Once, decision-making around salaries and stock option grants was one-off and random. Going forward, it has to be evidence-based and strategic. Where do you even start to get your arms around the problem? First, find out exactly where you are. That’s where total rewards reporting comes in.

Total rewards reporting gives you a complete picture of your organization’s total compensation, including cash and equity, as well as job grades and salary bands. Use it to gather all the information you need, before you make compensation decisions that influence employee engagement, productivity, and retention. Right now you’re probably doing all this with spreadsheets. The good news is, there is a better way.

Total Rewards Features

  • Integrate with your existing HR and finance tech stacks
  • Consolidated view of salary and equity compensation
  • Create and visualize salary bands


  • We integrate with your existing systems, no matter what HR tech stack you use.
  • We do all the painful data cleanup for you.
  • White-glove onboarding makes everything smooth.

Consolidated view of salary and equity compensation

  • Pull salary and stock option grant data out of inaccessible silos. Compaas gives a unified view of total rewards, including option grants as well as cash.
  • Drill down to see rewards by function: for example, engineering, sales, and marketing.
  • See how long a given employee has been with the company, and when their option grants vest.
employee compensation and stock vesting details
View employee details, including option vesting schedule.

Salary band creation and visualization

  • Set salary bands for different job grades and functions.
  • Model and adjust your salary band targets.
View salary bands and salary distributions.
View salary bands and salary distributions.

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You wouldn’t make any other big strategic decision without all the relevant data. Don’t try it with rewards. Compaas brings everything you need into a single easy-to-understand view. Get started with total rewards reporting today.