Compaas Compensation Analytics

Using Compaas, you can easily see your collected data on salaries and employee stock grants. At last, it’s all in one place. Now, you need to understand it, so that you can use it to make better decisions for your company. Welcome to Compensation Analytics.

Compensation Analytics is a new discipline built on HR analytics and people analytics. With it, you can see how employee incentives change over time. As a result, you can identify problem areas and suggest remedies. Compaas Compensation Analytics helps you understand your data and make the right choices for your company.

Analytics Features

  • Distribution analytics tell you whether you’re spending money in line with your intent and values.
  • Projected effects of employee equity vesting schedules shows impacts on retention.
View powerful data about your company's compensation, including salary and equity.
View powerful data about your company's compensation, including salary and equity.

Distribution analytics

  • See median compa ratio by function, including cash and equity. Compa ratio is an employee’s current salary divided by the current market rate. Your compa ratios tell you whether you are leading, matching, or lagging your targets. Whether you mean it to be or not, this is part of your company brand.
  • View compa ratio distribution. How many employees are relatively underpaid, compared to your targets? How many are high? What does this tell you?
  • See compa distribution by start date. In many companies, new hires receive higher cash compensation than early employees. Support your staff retention goals by focusing on early employees whose compensation may have fallen behind.
  • See compa distribution by manager. There are a number of reasons a manager may have outliers in their teams: seniority, marketplace pressures, misalignment with company compensation objectives. Use this graph to determine which managers need training and support to better align with your compensation strategy.
  • See compa distribution by job function. Check whether employees with similar responsibilities have similar compensation. Use this graph to show which job functions in your company have outlying employees who may need attention.
  • See compa distribution by gender, ethnicity and intersectionality.
Salary distribution by tenure
View salary distribution by employment tenure.

Projected effects of employee equity vesting schedules

  • See whose options are vesting, when. Use this overview to identify employees who may need attention, additional equity grants, or salary adjustments in order to support your retention goals.
  • See managers whose reports have reached significant equity vesting milestones. Again, these managers may need some assistance to support your company’s retention goals.
  • List all employees, including their vesting progress. Multiple employee grants are rolled into Total Options Granted. Hence, you get a complete picture of their incentives and how that may affect their employment choices.
Compaas pay strategy - equity overview
Compaas's equity allocation report helps you see how equity is distributed by job function.

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With Compensation Analytics, you can link compensation to your company’s mission. You can raise the red flag on employees at risk of attrition. Consequently, you can develop strategies to better align employee incentives with company goals. Get started with compensation analytics today.