Compaas gives growing companies powerful tools to manage employee compensation.

Whether you’re an HR manager, CFO, or startup founder, you know that a company’s culture comes through in how it pays its employees. You have the responsibility to make sure that your growing company’s compensation plan aligns with your corporate values.

Up until now, decision-making around salaries and equity compensation was made ad hoc and in the moment. But what got you here won’t get you where you need to go. Going forward, it needs to be consistent and evidence-based. Where do you even begin?

Compaas has the tools to both get you started, and make the right choices as you grow.

Total Rewards Reporting

First, find out exactly where you are. That means Total Rewards Reporting. You're probably doing this in spreadsheets now - but there's a better way.

  • Compaas integrates with your existing HR, payroll, and employee stock management systems.
  • Salary and employee stock - ISOs, NSOs, and RSUs - are all reported in a consolidated view.
  • Compaas provides a complete view of your employee compensation.
Compaas: compensation analytics for growing companies
Compaas's dashboard gives you a total view of compensation within your company.

Compensation Analytics

Enter Compensation Analytics, a new discipline that builds on HR analytics and people analytics. With Compensation Analytics, you have vital answers at your fingertips:

  • What’s the real cost of talent?
  • How likely is a given employee to leave?
  • Are you retaining the best talent?
  • Is total compensation being spent in ways that support your goals?

In any knowledge organization, talent is by far the most expensive budget item. You wouldn’t run any other high-dollar line item without analytics. Don’t do it with your company compensation.

View powerful data about your company's compensation, including salary and equity.
View powerful data about your company's compensation, including salary and equity.

Compensation Strategy

Here’s a fact: compensation is the truth about company culture. You get what you pay for. Companies express their values through pay strategy. You don’t want to unwittingly punish employees for not negotiating, or overpay underperformers. It’s not just bad business. It’s against the law.

A well-designed pay strategy guides employee choices that affect company values, costs and retention. It nudges decision-makers towards better decisions. With Compaas, you can create a plan for your organization’s compensation to reflect its values.

compensation strategy screenshot
Understand equity distribution, including vesting schedules.

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