Happy Birthday to Compaas!

It’s been a year since we made our debut — coming out of beta at HR Tech in Las Vegas. Looking back, it’s been a pretty amazing year.

1) We closed out our Acceleprise cohort with a big Demo Day pitch.

2) We raised money from great investors.

3) We welcomed our first (paying) customers.

After working with many great companies during our pilot, it has been really exciting to grow our customer base.

4) We left behind kittens and kitchens, and moved into a wonderful and supportive co-working community.

Huge thanks to John, Leo, Siggi, and Alice at SamsungNEXT!

5) We welcomed our first employee and Senior Engineer — Yoz!

One of his first projects was helping with performance improvements in Compaas.

6) Lisa and I attended our first barre class.

Lisa was happier about this than I was.

7) We completed our SOC 2 Type 1 certification.

8) We hired our Head of Product Design — Erica!

She guided us through end-to-end improvements and updates throughout our Compensation Intelligence Platform.

9) We fully embraced Fancy Fridays.

10) We added even more HR Tech integrations.

Compaas integrates with your existing HR Tech stack — and now that includes Namely, Carta, and UltiPro.

And finally — we actually remembered that it’s been a year and time to celebrate!

Thanks so much to everyone who has shared their support, help, and advice — it has meant the world to us. We’re looking forward to another great year!

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