Happy Birthday to Compaas!

By bethanye McKinney Blount / October 14, 2018

It’s been a year since we made our debut — coming out of beta at HR Tech in Las Vegas. Looking back, it’s been a pretty amazing year. 1) We closed out our Acceleprise cohort with a big Demo Day pitch. 2) We raised money from great investors. 3) We welcomed our first (paying) customers.…

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plan an employee stock strategy that works for your company

Grant startup equity like a boss

By bethanye McKinney Blount / December 13, 2017

If you want your employees to think like owners, you have to make sure their contribution to the success of the company is reflected in their ownership stake. Employee equity is what makes Silicon Valley’s startup culture special. Fairchild Semiconductor and Hewlett Packard were among the first companies anywhere to offer meaningful startup equity to…

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You're going to make mistakes in your compensation strategy.

You’re going to make mistakes

By bethanye McKinney Blount / June 12, 2017

In our last post about compensation and levels, I talked about a common, positive situation. Though you should still go back and read that post, here’s the basics: You’ve hired someone, and they’ve exceeded your expectations. Awesome! Now you have to decide what to do to reward and recognize that person. This is an excellent…

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