Understanding Salary Bands and Job Grades

By bethanye McKinney Blount / February 27, 2018

At Compaas, we talk a lot about Salary Bands and Job Grades (or Job Levels). Not only in blog posts, but every single day. Salary Bands and Job Grades are essential frameworks in any compensation strategy. We use them throughout our compensation analytics software to help companies dig into how they pay their employees. What’s the…

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plan an employee stock strategy that works for your company

Grant startup equity like a boss

By bethanye McKinney Blount / December 13, 2017

If you want your employees to think like owners, you have to make sure their contribution to the success of the company is reflected in their ownership stake. Employee equity is what makes Silicon Valley’s startup culture special. Fairchild Semiconductor and Hewlett Packard were among the first companies anywhere to offer meaningful startup equity to…

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a compensation strategy provides guidance

Yes, you do need a compensation strategy

By bethanye McKinney Blount / October 26, 2017

If you think you don’t have a compensation strategy, we have bad news. You do have one. It’s doing a terrible job. It makes your company less competitive. The message it sends to employees is: this doesn’t matter. It says that in your organization, their compensation is not a first-class concern. The good news is,…

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