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Technology for the Art of Compensation

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The Industry-Leading Compensation Intelligence Platform

Amy Wolf Forrester loves Compaas

We had the data we needed for company-wide compensation review, but it was all stuck in different systems. Working with Compaas made the process so much easier — now we want to tell EVERYONE. We love Compaas!

Your people are the core of your company. You need the actionable insights Compaas provides to make the right compensation decisions at the right time. Don't just talk about fair pay and equal opportunity – do something about it with Compaas.

Erin Wilson, CEO, Hirepool.io
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Compaas Analytics is your map for exploring the distribution of employee Total Compensation.


Compaas Manager & Employee Reporting delivers employee compensation history and context to team leaders.


Compaas Equity Explorer calculates compa ratios based on equity distributions as well as cash.


Compaas Compensation Cycle supports your focal review cycle, and simplifies ad-hoc or mid-cycle changes.

Product Suite: Measure, communicate, explore, reward
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Data is Abundant, Insights are Scarce

If you think you don’t have a compensation strategy, we have bad news. You already have one, and it’s probably not doing what you need it to do.

Compaas Analytics gives you the full picture of how your company compensates employees, in fine-grained, drill-down detail.

See the changing impact of stock over time, and understand how cash and Equity are distributed across different levels and groups.

Discover opportunities to align your compensation strategy with your company values. Close the loop between what your employees achieve and how you reward them.

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More Than Cash


You can't get a full picture of Total Compensation without understanding employee stock distribution.

Compaas Equity Explorer shows the impact of stock on employee Total Compensation, with Equity-adjusted compensation calculations that scale with your company.

Find employees at risk of leaving over compensation, before you lose them.

We do the math, so you can shift the conversation from basis points to prospective value. Draw the connections between company success and employee rewards with Compaas.

Tools for Hard Conversations

Managers are key in organizations, but they often don’t really know how to talk about Total Compensation.

Compaas Manager Reports gives them the tools they need to understand how compensation works within their teams, even where stock is part of the picture.

Cross-disciplinary and international teams are especially complex. Compaas provides nuance, context, and history.

Compaas Employee Reports create individualized compensation overviews, ideal for sharing with employees. Employees feel greater trust and connection to the company when they understand the compensation strategy.

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