People-focused compensation tools. For startups.

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How does Compaas work?

Compensation tools tailored for you

Connect Compaas to your HRIS / payroll systems

Compaas analyzes company compensation

Surfaces trends & outliers

Generates customized recommendations

Why Use Compaas?

Companies are made of people

Faster decisions

Faster decisions

With a custom compensation framework, startups can make faster hiring offers that align to company goals—and budget.

Surface problems early

Surface problems early

Small compensation mistakes snowball into big problems. Compaas discovers problems while they are still easy to correct.

Grows with your company

Grows with your company

Compaas provides a compensation framework that is sized for your company—and grows along with you.

Shape company culture

Shape company culture

Compensation strategy reflects how a company treats its employees. Compaas gives founders the tools to make value-driven decisions.

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Who Are We?

We are Cathy Labs

We make Compaas — compensation tools that help founders grow their companies. Our platform lets startups make smarter decisions around compensation, communicate better with their employees, and avoid costly mistakes.

bethanye M. Blount

Co-founder & CEO. Bourbon snob.

Lisa Dusseault

Co-founder & CTO.
Nerdy. Knitter. Canadian.

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